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It’s The Perfect Time To Upgrade Your Doors & Windows

Beautify Your Home & Beat Back the Weather.

New Windows

You may think, since the hottest weather has passed, that you’ve missed your best opportunity to replace your home’s siding or to save energy with replacement windows, but Leck Matthews at Battles Home Improve­ment says now is a great time.

“Most people repaint their old siding in the cooler months anyway, so replacing that old wood siding with never-paint-again vinyl or James Hardie siding is the thing to do now,” says Leck.

And for windows, “New win­dows will help you just as much in comfort and utili­ties in the winter as in the summer,” Leck points out. “Sitting near a drafty window can be even less comfortable in cold weather than in warmer weather.”

Imagine never needing to paint again

Putting siding on soffit, fascia and other high-main­tenance areas can mean you never have to paint those areas again. Siding also protects the wood behind it from weather and sun damage. If your exterior is mostly wood or anything other than brick or stone, you can have insulation installed behind your siding that will add to your savings in heating and cooling costs.

Vinyl siding beautifies & weatherizes

“While we sell and install lots of home improvement products, our foundation is based on windows and sid­ing—it’s still what we do the most of,” says Leck. “For that reason, we can give you a really good price on these items any time of year; in­cluding right now.”

And remember, vinyl siding means you will not have to worry about painting your home’s exterior ever again. In that way, siding saves you lots of money over the years. It also keeps your home looking its best year in and year out. You have plenty of other maintenance items to handle at your home every year—why not let Battles Home Improvement relieve you of one of the biggest worries you have?

You can choose window treatments or coverings not only for decoration but also for saving energy.

Replacement Windows add value in so many ways.

Replacement windows also do not need painting, and, like siding, they come in a number of attractive colors. They keep out costly and dusty drafts year round. Siding and windows both are great investments in your home.

Stop in at Battles Home Improvement’s show­room today and get on your way to more comfort and lower hearing and cooling costs.

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